Consultation Services

Consultation: Lisa is a Geriatric and Dementia expert with 20+ years of hands on experience and is a Certified Alzheimer Educator. She loves to educate families and communicate the changes and challenges their loved one is experiencing. Her qualifications as a Senior Care Advisor have helped many families to make informed decisions as to the direction of future care. As a Licensed RCFE Administator, Lisa has made many contacts over the years and is a wealth of information and your best connection to vital resources in senior care.

In-Home Services

In-Home: Every so often, a family member who is caring for their loved ones at home, you will need a little time to yourself. Lisa understands that regular time away is essential to a successful in-home program. Either through her own personal attention or referral of a quality care giver, Lisa would love to help your in-home care to be successful.

Placement Services

Placement: Having worked in the field of Senior Care for over 20 years, Lisa has excellent knowledge of our local Residential Care Facilities. Each have their own specialities and advantages depending on the care needs of your loved one. It is so important to find the right fit to ensure a successful transition to a residential care facility. Lisa's compassion and knowledge is indispensable and free of charge to her clients. Don't make a move without seeking the advice of a professional RCFE Advocate!

Why Hire a Care Manager?

You might be asking yourself if you need a Care Manager. The truth is that it is very unfamiliar and stressful process. Often families are in crisis mode and in need of immediate resolution. With 20+ years experience, Lisa will help eliminate the stress and direct you to the quickest way to resolve the immediate needs of your loved one. A good care manager will see to it that the family is educated on the available options and understands each process recommended for their elder. Lisa offers a variety of services to suit the families financial abilities regarding the desired care solution for their loved one. Hospitals will have a "discharge" social worker who will only arrange the process of returning home. Families often find themselves returning to the ER for the same situation they came in for the first time! Lisa designs a care plan that will reduce or eliminate this problem and in turn provide a quicker return to a manageable state of life. Being a Certified Dementia Specialist, Lisa's assessment of her clients cognative abilities and education of the family members will aid in making the best choice for their loved one.

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